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Turkey breast
with sausage and spinach

It is a slice of lean turkey wrapped around a stuffing mixture of sausage (cooked turkey and pork sacked meat), and spinach, flavoured with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and eggs.
It is a delicate and particularly tasty roast, of the highest gastronomic quality.
Its main characteristic is that of being a hand made roast which combines both the rich flavours of the Emilia cooking and the light digestible nature of white meats.
This product can be sold to: restaurants, pizza restaurants, buffets, bars, delicatessens, cook-shops, mobile buffets, supermarkets, butcher's shop, canteens and gastronomy.

Cold: finely sliced for sandwiches, cold dishes and appetizers with all types of sauces.
Hot: as thick grilled or baked slices, or even cooked in a bain-marie with their original packets (15 minutes).
Ideal served with salads, vegetables or other dressing.

max 120 days
at a temperature between  0 and + 4 C.
















Turkey, pork, vegetables, eggs, cheese, salt, sugars (lactose, dextrose, fructose), natural flavours and spices.
Preservers: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.

Wheight per
one piece: kg. 2,000

Pieces per box: n5

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