R.C.A. S.r.l.
Via Tirelli 7  - Gavassa (RE)
Tel. 0522/950354 - 0522/950374
Fax 0522/950927
email: info@rcacarni.it

The tradition
Rca’s experience is founded on a twenty-years-old training, resulting from the tradition of four generations in the field of white meat.
Rca has caught (emilia romagna) the habits and flavours from its land and suggests a range of products which keep unalterated their authenticity.

The Modernity
Our products are born from an accurate selection of the raw materials.
This products are characterised by an “old” flavour even if they are vaacum-packed with modern fittings.

Each operation is severally controlled, from the choice of the raw materials to the distribution, in order to ensure the unalterated quality of the products.
Rca’s production is guaranteed by the three cee certifications which assure the constant respect of all the community hygienic and sanitary norms.

The distribution

Rca distribution network covers, beside national area, also the most important european countries with efficient and appropriate vehicols that enable products to reach the destination qualitatively unmodified.

Rca is able to satisfy that wide area of the market that looks for lean and digestible products guaranteeing in any case the typical taste of the simple recipes.