R.C.A. S.r.l.
Via Tirelli 7  - Gavassa (RE)
Tel. 0522/950354 - 0522/950374
Fax 0522/950927
email: info@rcacarni.it

Our products come from emilian-romagnola gastronomic tradition’s recipes. They keep its salty and definite taste but they are proposed again with particular attention to everyboby who looks for lean and digestible meat, that is lean parts.
Each one of our products are packed with raw materials carefully selected and every phase of its manufacture is guaranteed by three C.E.E. acknowledgements assigned to our firm. They certified a continous respect for every European Community sanitary regulations.


Oven cooked chicken
stuffed with red peppers

Oven cooked chicken
stuffed with spinach
Yellow green chicken Oven cooked chicken
stuffed with lemon
Oven cooked chicken
stuffed with truffles
Oven cooked chicken
stuffed with parsley
Oven cooked Guinea-hen
stuffed with mushrooms
Duck in orange sauce
Cooked turkey salame Doŕ
Oven cooked turkey thighs
Turkey breast
cooked a trance
Oven cooked turkey breast
Turkey with chestnuts Turkey breast
with sausage and spinach
Oven cooked turkey breast Rabbit cooked with olives 

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